Our Team

 399d190Sam Harden

Sam is a Tampa-area attorney, programmer, and legal technology entrepreneur. He is also a contributor to Lawyerist, an online legal magazine focusing on law practice and legal technology. He has taken the primary role of developing legal technology products.

Kristin R. Harden29507_10100244950723633_817301_n

Kristin is a Tampa-area attorney who is passionate about providing access to justice to low-income families. She practiced with the Florida Department of Corrections and the former Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation before transitioning into private practice. She has taken the primary role of providing backend management and support.

 0709f06Greg Robertson

Greg co-owned and managed a Tampa-area software company providing data and financial analysis to large oil and manufacturing companies. He is currently the Executive Director of Operations at a large Tampa-area church.  He has taken the primary role of providing data analysis support and business consulting.